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Phoenix DUI Arrest

DUI Arrest Without a Warrant?

In almost all Arizona DUI cases a police officer will make an arrest without an arrest warrant.  Police are permitted to make such warrantless arrests if they possess probable cause. Probable Cause in DUI Cases To make a lawful DUI arrest in Arizona police officers must have “probable cause” to believe the person was driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).  Arizona has codified this probable cause requirement in Arizona Revised Statute §13-3883. Arizona courts have defined probable cause as “such a

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Arizona DUI Penalties

First Offense DUI Penalities | How They Have Changed

Updated August 30, 2020 In 2007 the Arizona legislature changed the penalties for first time Arizona DUI convictions.  Since that time there are have even more material changes.  Let’s take a look at them Back in 2007 On September 19, 2007, Arizona changed the penalties for a first time DUI conviction.  Under the change, the penalties vary based on the blood alcohol level of the person.  Here are some of the changes the legislature has made for a person convicted of

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Driver's License Points

Points Before An Arizona Driver’s License Suspension

Updated 09.05.20 In Arizona, most traffic violations and crimes will effect one’s driver’s license. While some driving crimes (such as a DUI) carry an automatic suspension, other violations will cause MVD to assess the license with points and may lead to a suspension. Arizona’s MVD Point System Here is a brief overview of how Arizona’s point system works: 8 – 12 points within 12 months = 3 month suspension  13 – 17 points within 12 months = 3 month suspension 

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